This site is a collection of erotic and eco-erotic stories written by one of earth’s lovers. I dedicate these stories to our shared lover and hope they inspire others to depeen their intimate relationship with her as well. We offer gratitude to Charles Eisenstein for helping us see the power of telling a new story.                                                                                                            

What is EcoSexuality?

EcoSexuality is a philosophy, a way of relating, a spiritual path and a social movement. It is a redefinition of humans’ relationship with Earth: from seeing her as a self-sacrificing mother to treating her as a lover with whom we have a fully reciprocal relationship — we give as much as we take. EcoSexual practices are any that are integrative, regenerative, symbiotic, abundant, intimate, inclusive, and sustainable for all beings and the Earth herself. EcoSexuality is a revolutionary movement to create a more beautiful world and to move closer to that reality through love, humor, passion, and pleasure.


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