Predator or Prey?

Three hours gone and not a single animal seen. Not even a squirrel. Let alone a pronged antelope, his desired prey. Stalking quietly, carrying his new recurve bow, he smiled feeling the chub in his pants. The combination of adrenaline and testosterone was his favorite recipe for arousal. 

He loved the hunt — whether it wild animals or domestic women. His last catch was Kayleigh. He swaggered into the local bar and immediately noticed that she was intentionally ignoring him. Game on. She tried to make it tough on him, feigning attention and showing lackluster interest. But his charm and bravado was only bolstered by the challenge. They were at her place before last call at the bar.  

Her fake, perky breasts and completely hairless body looked like all the videos he usually clicked on. And he got exactly what he wanted. She sucked his cock. He fucked her pussy in at least three different positions. She looked back to watch him pull out and then cum on the tattoo on her lower back.

Before he’d even made it home an hour later, he was already feeling antsy for the next hunt. The big one. Big game. Big antlers. The all day chase with only a bow and arrows. 

A rustling sound startled him out of daydreaming. Shocked, he saw a doe standing 50 yards away behind him.

“What the fuck?” he thought. “I don’t want a deer. Especially not a scrawny doe.” 

“Shoo!” He yelled while stopping his foot, and the doe bolted back into the trees. 

Silently moving on, he walked towards the crest of a small hill, hoping a watering hole–the perfect antelope lure–lay on the other side. But before he made it to the top, he heard crunching of leaves behind him again.

He turned to see the same deer still following. Not wanting to yell and potentially scare off any antelope waiting on the other side of the hill, he found a small rock nearby and threw it in the direction of the deer. It did the trick as the deer skittered off again. He hoped for good this time. 

Scrambling on hands and knees, he crested the hill only to find nothing — no water source, no antelope. His chub subsided, but quickly returned when he noticed the telltale slash marks on a tree indicating territorial markings of a large antelope. 

“Oh, hell yeah. This big fucker is going down before the end of the day.” And he stalked off again through the trees. He walked for another hour or so and paused in the shade to take a drink and decide which way to go next. He caught the tiniest movement out of the corner of his eye, and turned to see the deer standing only 30 yards behind him. 

Anger overtook the testosterone in his body. He was pissed. How had this deer followed him for so far without him noticing at all? And why the hell was it following him?

As if protecting himself from a vicious predator, he swung the bow around and fired an arrow right through the deer’s chest.

It was a direct hit. The deer didn’t run. Her head dropped, eyes closed, legs buckled at the knees, and she fell to the ground.

Stunned at the progression of events, he walked toward the deer to retrieve his arrow and to figure out what to do with the carcass. Crouching down near the deer’s head, he set down his bow and pulled out his buck knife. The deer suddenly opened her eyes, startling him, causing him to jump back and drop the knife. 

Retrieving the knife quickly, he moved a few feet away from the deer and then turned back to see if it were still alive. But as he turned around, he saw instead a naked woman lying in place of the deer. 

Shocked, his eyes gave her a quick once over. Dark brown hair, big dark eyes, tiny nose and lips, small almost non-existent breasts with tiny nipples, and a very furry bush.

“What the…” The words spilled out of his mouth as he moved towards her. She calmly lifted her head, raised a finger to her lips, and silenced him. 

She kept her eyes locked on his. She said nothing. She sat motionless. His head suddenly emptied of all thoughts. The plan of attack, the excitement of using his new bow, the confusion about this situation — all vanished. He wasn’t even aware of how quiet his mind had become. In its silence, all that was left were the sensations in his body, and his body very clearly wanted his clothes to come off. 

He dropped his knife to the ground and stripped naked. As he removed the last article of clothing, his bodily desires spoke up again. It wanted to lie with his naked back on the sun baked ground. His skin smiled in the warmth of the sun. His nipples pricked up when a short, cool breeze blew past. Eventually, his pulse slowed and his breathing steadied.

After some time, the woman crawled towards his naked body on hands and knees and began to lick his limp cock. His body jerked at the first touch, recoiled slightly at the roughness of her tongue, and then buzzed with excitement at the intensity of her sucking. 

Orgasm quickly rose up in his body as it usually did, but before he peaked, she released his cock from her mouth. She slid her hands from his cock up his chest and down his arms. And then again from his cock, down both of his legs. As she repeated this pattern, his body buzzed with sensation, pleasure, and aliveness.

Abruptly she stopped, repositioning her pussy over his face. As she lowered herself down, he could see her vulva peeking out amongst all her hair. Her pussy was tiny, with almost no discernible inner lips and a small dark pink opening. As it met his mouth, his lips and tongue knew just how to lick and suck her. The voices in his head that would have reminded him that “I don’t eat pussy” were silent.

His ears reveled in hearing her gentle moans. His cock, full and hard as it had ever been, throbbed against her rough tongue. His body quivered and shook as she stroked down his legs. His tongue noted her distinct favors and how they changed before, during, and after her quick, powerful orgasm. 

As she removed her pussy from his face, all he could see was beauty, both hers and that of the land around him. She spun around and lowered herself onto his pulsing cock. His penis could feel the wetness, heat, and every inside curve of her pussy. 

Sliding herself up and down along his shaft, she reached out and grabbed the field knife resting next to them. He watched while she sucked on the hand carved bone handle of the knife, like it were another cock that she was pleasuring. Except this action was clearly for her pleasure. He could feel her pussy quiver and contract each time the handle dipped deep into her throat.

His body was ready to explode with orgasm. Sensing this, she removed the knife handle from her mouth, covering it with her saliva, she reached behind her and shoved it up his ass. 

His whole body exploded. Energy shot out of his cock, his ass, his fingers, and the top of his head. He screamed out loud, shattering the silence around them. His body felt split in two from the ass up. The energy poured out of his limbs and from the chasm running through the middle of his body.

She pulled out the handle, climbed off his penis, and let his body experience the intense pleasure without interruption. His body convulsed while cum spewed out of his cock. 

Close on the heels of the intense pleasure were waves of deep sadness. Tears poured from his eyes, his body delivering them from deep in his belly.  

Lying on the bare ground, he shook, sobbed, and trembled until the waves of energy in his body shifted from tempest to gentle waves upon the shore.

As his body returned to calm, chatter returned to his mind. He tried to make sense of what just happened to him. Looking around, he saw the doe sitting nearby, watching him. 

He reached out his hand toward the deer but his movement caused her to bolt up and run from him.

His mind spinning, he lay back down on the ground. He felt different. The ever-present buzzing, pulling sensation in his chest was gone. He only became aware of its existence now that it was absent. 

Then it occurred to him that the pulling sensation that vanished was his desire to chase. It was that desire that propelled so many of his decisions — his job selling cars, his weekends spent hunting, and his sexual conquests. Like a gas tank on empty, he lay there without a sense of what to do next.

Slowly, the replay of what had just happened to him started to fill the void. His body remembered the sounds, the tastes, the touch, the highs and the lows of emotion he had experienced. He remembered the radiance of the woman and how delicious her pleasure tasted. He felt awe and wonder at these new experiences and sensations.

Finally, not knowing what else to do, he gathered up his clothes and belongings to head for home. After getting dressed, he noticed something missing…

Somewhere nearby, the deer licked herself clean while nestled down in her favorite grassy patch, next to a small collection of knives.
Erotica by Silky

October 2016

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