The Hunt

Forest men.jpgYou are invited to The Hunt

As a recipient of this invitation, know that you have been carefully vetted and selected. Your participation is entirely optional. If you succeed, you could experience the best sexual experience of your life. If you fail, you may never be heard from again.

To accept this invitation, meet at the iron gate at 8 PM. The Hunt begins at sunset, 8:15. This gives you 30 minutes of dusk to find one of us.

We are hiding, waiting to be found. Deliciously awaiting our unveiling. Soaking in our growing wetness as we anticipate your discovery.

Despite the fading daylight, do not rush. Hunt slowly. Your success in The Hunt depends on your ability to become the animal that your cock knows you are.

Grunt. Snort. Snuff. Growl. Howl. Bark. Gnash your teeth.

Strain to hear our racing hearts, throbbing desires, and our shallow, rapid breaths. Track the scent of our sex. Allow the crunch of your footsteps to penetrate our hiding spots.

Let us hear the rhythmic pulse of your hand stroking your cock as you search for us.

We may run as you get close. We may scream and shriek and bolt in the opposite direction. This is an invitation, not a declination, of your continued pursuit.

We may stay quiet and extremely well hidden. Under a log, up in a tree, or have become one with a rock. Let your wild eyes find our curves camouflaged amongst the curves of the earth.

When you find one, let your animal meet hers’. Maybe you need to give chase. Maybe you move slowly as not to startle her. Maybe you stop short letting her eyes feast on your body, her mouth begin to salivate, and her mind dream about what comes next.

The most important rule of The Hunt applies to this stage:  do not turn your attention or energy away from her until she is absolutely, completely, 100% satisfied. You may have found her, but you are completely at her mercy until she releases you.

If you follow your instincts you will know what to do to satisfy her. She may need to be petted gently and feel you restraining your sexual longing. She may need to be ravished by your mouth, licked from top to bottom and penetrated by your tongue. She may need to use your body and your cock as she sees fit, riding and pleasuring herself while you stay motionless but hard.

You have consent to kiss, suck, lick, touch, stroke, penetrate — as long as the intent of your actions is for her pleasure and is in alignment with your animal instincts and her carnal desires.

If you pay close attention, she will tell you how to meet her, match her, and will direct you to help fulfill her deepest wishes and sexual longings. This is where weak men falter and fail. Do not get caught up in your fantasies or urges. Withstand waves of fatigue and peaks of arousal.

Listen well and respond accordingly, and you will experience a sexual connection more intense than you ever thought possible.

Do not fail. At best, you won’t receive another invitation. At worst, she may invoke her inner praying mantis, and leave you headless or eat you alive.

We eagerly await your RSVP….


Written by Silky
August 2016

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