Becoming Feral


Another failed OK Cupid date. Her high hopes dashed. Instead of meeting at the typical bar, this guy suggested they hike in the woods way outside of town. Driving her rented Zip Car to the date, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d driven anywhere.

The text arrived as she was halfway there.

“Some stuff came up. Have to bail. Rain check?”

“Fucking, bastard” she thought. If she hadn’t come so far already, she would have turned around and gone home. Plus, she was going to get billed for the car either way, so she might as well use it. “Maybe there will be an outlet mall on the way there and I can redeem this day.”

No shopping experience presented itself on the remainder of the trip, so she drove into the park and decided to make the best of it. After scoping out the trail map, she picked a 5-mile loop with a steep climb in the middle. “At least I won’t have to go to the gym today.” This thought slightly appeased her disappointment about the lack of shopping.

Walking along the path under a clear blue sky filled with bird songs, her thoughts bounced from her frustration with men, to how much she hates her desk job, to what she was going to wear for her friend’s birthday party next weekend.

She didn’t notice the man standing beside the path until he spoke to her as she passed.

“Do you want some mushrooms?”

Startled, she stopped quickly and gave him a puzzled look. “What?”

“Do you want some mushrooms?”

Who was this lunatic? He had a bushy dark brown beard and untidy hair. He was dressed in a hole-ridden brown t-shirt and army green pants. And where were his shoes?

“No thanks, I don’t do drugs.” She turned to start walking again.

“These are black trumpet mushrooms. The kind city girls like you pay a lot of money for in your fancy restaurants.”

Quickly turning around to face him again she asked, “What do you mean city girl?”

She watched as his blue eyes slowly scanned up and down her body. “Well, you’re not exactly dressed like you live out in the woods.”

She looked down at herself. She bought new black athletic shorts with hot pink striping just for this date — they made her legs look extra long and lean. And her hot pink Nike’s weren’t exactly helping her blend in to the natural surroundings. The shoes were new too and now that she was thinking about them, she noticed that the right one was starting to give her a blister.

His voice broke her wardrobe scrutiny. “So city girl, I know where a patch of wild blueberries are near here. Would you like me to show you?”

Her brain attempted to catch up with these unexpected events. A minute ago she was power walking and now she was thinking about going off with some stranger to find fruit in the forest? “Um, ok” was all she mustered in response.

“One condition though… you have to take off your shoes.”

“What, are you crazy? I’m not going to walk through the forest without any shoes on!”

“Leave your shoes here city slicker, and I promise to bring you back to get them when we’re done.”

Unable to resist his gentle demand, she obeyed. As her bare feet touched the ground her whole perception of the forest changed. The earth was cooler than she expected and felt good on her sweaty feet.

She looked up to see this strange man smiling at her. His soft blue eyes hiding behind all that hair startled and aroused her.

“This way,” he said.

She paused as she realized he was walking perpendicular to the trail, off into the woods. She rushed to catch up, but quickly found she couldn’t go very fast in her bare feet. Each step became both a deeply conscious and subconscious decision about where to place her foot. Where are the rocks? Which stick would snap under her weight? How to find the soft patches of fallen leaves?

“Yes! Found a beauty!” he called.

She looked to where he pointed, but couldn’t see any beauties. In amazement, she watched as he gingerly bent down and showed her a huge black trumpet mushroom surrounded by the fallen leaves of a big tree.

“How in the hell did you see that?” she murmured.

“Practice. Lots of practice. Come on.”


Clearly, this guy was eccentric. She had never encountered anyone like him on OK Cupid, and definitely not on Tinder. As they walked towards a grassy clearing she asked, “So what’s your story?”

“What do you mean?”

“What’s your story? Who are you? What are you doing out here in the woods finding mushrooms and berries?”

He chuckled. “Speaking of berries. You’re standing right next to a bush full of them.”

She turned to look and sure enough, a few feet away were low bushes covered in deep blue berries. “They’re so tiny!” she remarked.

“It’s not the size that counts,” he chided with a sly smile. “I guarantee these are more delicious than any you have ever tasted.”

He stepped over and pulled a small, dark-blue berry off the plant and held it up to her face. She tried to pluck it out of his fingers but he quickly pulled his hand back.

“Close your eyes and open your mouth.”

She felt her body sizzle with a mix of excitement at the sexual tension that came along with that invitation and a bit of dread of having his dirty fingers touch her food. She complied and opened her mouth.

She felt his fingers enter her mouth and rest on her lips and lower teeth. He wouldn’t drop the berry into her mouth until she closed her lips around his fingers and took the berry from him with her tongue.

She wasn’t sure if it was the flavor of the berry or the method in which it was delivered, but she involuntarily sighed with pleasure as the sweet juice of the berry hit her tongue.

When she opened her eyes, he stood right in front of her with a smile in his eyes.

“My turn.”

It took her a moment, but she finally figured out that he wanted a blueberry in return. This guy seemed harmless enough, even if he was strange and a bit dirty, so she picked a blueberry for him.

She reached out her fingers to hand him the berry. Instead of grabbing the berry, he grabbed her wrist, bringing her hand up to his mouth. He looked her in the eye as he took the berry from her fingers using his tongue and lips, so gently and so sweetly. He smiled again as he watched her face go flush from the experience.

“Do you want to see what I do with the mushrooms, or would you like me to take you back to your city shoes?”

The word “mushrooms” escaped her lips before she even had time to think about it. He smiled again, released her wrist and switched to holding her hand.

Focused on the sensation of his big, rough, dirty hand she compared it to her perfectly manicured and moisturized one. Her mind still hadn’t caught up to how this day was unfolding. She felt like her body was leading her, rather than her brain. And at that moment, her hand focused on his, her skin radiated in the August sun, her feet cautiously approached the dry, sharp grass, and she heard a pair of birds calling back and forth to each other.

Her brain finally caught up. “So, you never told me your story. Do you live around here or something?”

“Or something. In fact, you can see my set up from here.”

He stepped behind her, dropping his chin onto her shoulder and pushing his chest into her back, and pointed past the clearing into where the trees started again. Much like her inability to see the mushroom, she couldn’t see any sign of camping. Finally her eyes caught a small trail of smoke coming out of the top of the trees. “Is that your campfire?”

He put his arm around her waist and said, “come, I’ll show you.”

Her nose picked up the scent of the wood smoke as they climbed the steep embankment that led to a level ridge dotted with large trees. Surprised, she found no sign of a typical campsite. Mounted over the top of the fire, held in a ring of stones, was a black cast-iron pot.


“So, what are you cooking?” she asked.

“Wild turkey stew. It’s good, but needs some mushrooms.” He squatted next to the fire and pulled two handfuls of black mushrooms out of his bag. She watched as he brushed each off with a handkerchief and used a large, roughly hewn knife to cut each mushroom in half or quarters.

She pulled the lid off the pot and took a deep inhale of the earthy, smoky stew. She thought that it was the manliest food she’d ever smelled.

“Would you like to stay for supper?”

Would he feed her stew with his fingers as well? “I’d like that, thanks.”

“So, where do you sleep?”

“See if you can find it.”

She wandered, looping back around to where she’d begun. Then she finally saw it – a small lean-to type structure made of dead branches and covered in leaves and moss. She peeked her head in and saw a collection of wool blankets, which passed for a bed.

“Give it a try” she heard from over her shoulder. She climbed in and was surprised by the softness of the ground. He followed her in and lay down beside her.

“Barely big enough for two.”

Her eyes took a while to adjust to the shade. She discovered his lack of a shirt as her hand brushed against the soft hair covering his chest. Her eyes darted down and when she looked back up he was looking intently into her eyes.

“May I…” She didn’t wait for him to finish the question. She leaned in and their lips met. He tasted of mushrooms and blueberries, smoke and pine.

He wrapped his arms around her body and pulled them together. They kissed, exploring each other’s mouths, lips, and tongues. She felt her pussy getting very moist – an absent experience from most of her recent dating experiences. When his hand reached down past the waistband of her black athletic shorts and past the lacy panties, impractical for hiking, he closed his eyes and sighed when he too discovered her wetness.

Pushing himself back onto his knees, he used both hands to swiftly pull down her shorts and panties. He bent her knees and opened her legs so he could sit back and admire her beautiful, gleaming pussy.

She sat up and removed her white tank top exposing her small, firm breasts and very erect nipples.

Leaning over her, he kissed her mouth and worked his way down her neck, across her sun-warmed sternum, and lingered on each breast. Several times she tried reaching for his cock, but every time he rebuffed her, saying “not yet” encouraging her to receive and enjoy his undivided attention.

He ran his tongue down the midline of her body and up over her pubic mound.

He began slowly on her clit, licking softly. Before long she could feel the hair of his beard tickling her lips and the insides of her thighs as he plunged his face into her pussy.

She grabbed his hair and held her breath as he adeptly brought her to climax. She made a small squeak at the peak and then a huge sigh as her body descended down the other side of the orgasm.

Sitting up, he wiped his face on the back of his arm and smiled at her. “A lovely appetizer. You taste delicious. I love the gradient of colors in your pussy — from rhododendron pink to redwood brown.” She wondered what she had gotten herself into with this guy.

He encouraged her to get up and out of the lean-to. When she reached for her clothes, he offered another gentle demand to leave them there, she complied.

Out in the sunshine, she felt her body radiating. She buzzed inside from the orgasm and prickled on the outside in the cool breeze. She felt her awareness heightened more around her.

“I’ll be right back,” she called as she wandered off into the woods to pee. In her absence, he took one of the blankets from the lean-to and spread it on the ground in the sun. He removed his pants and spread himself out on his back to soak up some rays.

She returned to see him basking in the sun. His position gave her a good look at his penis – engorged but not erect. Not too big, not too small. Although she couldn’t tell the full length, given that some of it was hiding behind a large bush of pubic hair.

She walked towards him and kneeled between his legs, bending forward to put his cock in her mouth. But before she could, he stopped her saying, “there is plenty of time. Come lie next to me.”

Lying naked in the sun, she wondered when her pussy had last seen the light of day? The heat of the sun lit up her already tender folds making her feel connected to the source of heat and light – plugged in to the universe somehow.

He rolled towards her and began to kiss her again. He reached down between her legs. His hand felt cool . She softened as he slid two fingers into her and dropped his head to rest on her chest, just above her breasts.

They lay in the sun, quiet and motionless except for his two fingers rubbing up inside her. At first it felt relaxing, massage-like. But after a while, she noticed the inside of her vaginal muscles start to mimic the slow, steady movement of his fingers. They pulsed, almost as if they were trying to swallow his fingers, and then retreated in the opposite direction as his fingers pulled away.

In her rib cage she could feel the vibrations of his inaudible moans timed with the dance of these two waves happening inside her body. She knew he could feel it too.

Her breath shortened and her whole body clenched at the end of each wave. He noticed and lifted his head off her chest.

“Are you willing to try something? Anytime you feel the urge to clench, will you instead try to release? Try pushing out both your breath and my fingers.”

At this point, all she could do was nod yes in agreement. She took what focus remained in her brain and put it towards this request.

She noticed the wave pattern in her body ebb. Instead of two waves approaching, meeting in the middle, and then retreating from one another, it took on a new flow. Her pussy remained calm while his fingers went deep, and then her energy followed his fingers down and out.

He moaned into her chest and she could feel his hard cock pressing against the side of her leg. While he didn’t change the speed or the motion or the rhythm of his fingers, the sensations changed in her body completely.

She felt their energy coursing as he reached deep inside her. Instead of letting her body clench with the pleasure of the sensation, she pushed, released, and breathed out the sensations in her body. Her exhales turned into sighs, and then into deep moans.

He noticed her hesitation about making noise and reassured her: “there’s no one here to hear you but me and the trees.”

He kept the motion steady and constant, sending energy into her and then pulling back as she released. She didn’t notice when he transitioned his movement. Gradually, he increased his pace, and soon he was thrusting his fingers in and out of her rapidly, she found herself inhaling deeper with each thrust. He was paying close attention to her breath and as she exhaled, he pulled his fingers out completely and she felt her chest and face splashed with her own ejaculate.

Before she could piece together what was happening, he thrust his fingers inside of her again. Gasping in for air. Moaning out all of her air. Fingers out. Ejaculate everywhere. Again. Fingers. Thrusting. Moaning. Spraying. Fingers. Thrusting. Moaning. Spraying.

Shaking, she had never felt so ecstatic. He reached into her very core and pulled her open. And hiding inside was more juice and sensation than she had ever imagined.

They lay in the sun, covered in her fluid, panting, reeling, and occasionally shuddering as aftershocks of orgasms rattled through them. She noticed he had the heel of his palm resting on her pubic mound with his fingers covering her opening. He was pushing down slightly and she could feel herself returning to the present – to the ground, to the woods, to the sunshine, to the birdcalls.

All her brain could muster to ask was: “How do you know how to do that?”

“Practice. Lots of practice.”

She chuckled and turned her face towards his and they kissed. For a long time, their mouths danced and she let her lips express her vulnerable feelings of gratitude and longing.

Their bodies dried by the time they stopped kissing.

“Ready to eat?”

Until he said it, she didn’t realize she was starving. He offered her a spoon and they ate directly from the pot. They moved to the blanket and talked until the earth had turned so far that the sun no longer lit the sky and they could see the stars.

As the night air grew cooler, they pulled their bodies close together. They interrupted their talking with kissing. Their hands caressed each other’s bodies. She stroked his cock and enjoyed feeling it swell and engorge.

With clear intention, he moved to the top of the blanket and knelt down in front of her. His erect cock glowing in the moonlight. She sat up on her knees and faced him. He reached out, grabbed her face in both hands, and pulled her in for a kiss. Then he guided her head down onto his cock.

She had been trying to get to his cock all day and found herself flooding with wetness at his very direct way of asking her to suck him. Her hands and mouth played with his head and balls – sucking, slurping, nibbling, and caressing. He kept his hands on her head, tugging on her hair, and directing her where to go or changing her speed. Looking up, she would either see him gazing down at her or his head tilted back to the sky. He moaned and growled and yelled. She felt like he was unnecessarily loud, but the over-the-top-ness of it turned her on even more.

Her body could not hide her arousal. She spread her legs and tilted her pelvis back and forth. Her nipples stood erect and her mouth dripped with slippery saliva. He pulled her mouth off his penis and without letting go, kissed her.

He reached between her legs and scooped up some of her wetness and presented it to her. She eagerly sucked it off his fingers, realizing she’d never tasted herself before and marveled at her sweet flavor coating his thick smoky fingers.

Grabbing her hipbones, he spun her around and pitched her forward so she was on her hands and knees. His cock, still wet with saliva, slid easily into her moist pussy penetrating her slowly. Just when she was sure she had taken it all in, it kept coming.

When his tip reached deep enough to touch her cervix, she closed her eyes and experienced flashes of colorful lights, like fireworks exploding behind her eyelids. She cried out in pleasure, the sensation almost more than her body could handle. He wrapped his arms around hers and up over her shoulders, pulling her close.

Staying deep inside her, he rocked his pelvis back and forth so his cock rubbed against her cervix again and again. She felt as though his penis reached all the way through her and out the top of her head. She cried out again and again as he did this, never once worried about who might hear or how loud she screamed.

He moved his hands to his hips and thrust himself into her. His hipbones bounced off the padding of her ass. He pumped and pumped and then pushed himself deeply, sending her into states of bliss that no words could describe.

Bouncing on his lap, plunging himself into her, she opened her legs wide as he pushed deep. They yelled and howled and cried into the night sky.

She fell forward to her hands and he crawled on top of her back, keeping hold of her breasts in one hand and moving the other to her clit. Rubbing her wet pussy, he plunged himself into her. When she felt his explosion of cum, she crested into her biggest orgasm of the night. Her deep, guttural scream raced through the trees, shaking leaves and unfurling mushrooms.

Her arms collapsed and they fell in a pile. Her awareness extended from her throbbing pussy and all the way to the moon and back. Absent from her awareness was her stress, her constraints, her complaints, and her responsibilities that seemed so ever present in her city life.

Drenched in sweat in the cool summer air, they breathed heavily. They melted together as the force of gravity pulled them towards the earth, preventing them from floating away as their bodies felt they might.

After a long while, he pulled his cock out of her pussy and bent down to lick his cum out of her. Her body drifted to sleep as he curled himself next to her with his soft cock pressed against her ass.


The sound of her iPhone alarm jolted her out of sleep. Her hand found the phone sitting on her bedside table. As she hit the snooze button, her bleary eyes strained to focus on the appointment reminder showing on the home screen: “OK Cupid date, today at 11 AM. Traffic is heavy. Leave at 9:45 to arrive on time.”

She closed her eyes again and began to hyperventilate. Was that all a dream? Did she invent the whole thing? Had she not just experienced the best sex of her life? “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” she sobbed into her pillow as anger coursed through her body.

She stopped thrashing at the feeling of a hand on her shoulder. “Shhhhh, it’s ok. You just had a bad dream. Everything is ok.”

She opened her eyes to find herself lying under a blanket of stars, in a forest, next to a warm, naked man. She sobbed again, this time tears of joy. “Oh, thank god. Oh, thank god. ”

Grabbing hold of his body, she rolled herself on top of him, rubbing her pussy into his cock. She kissed him hard and deep and said: “Fuck me again.”


Eco-erotica by Silky
May 2016

Published by Math Magazine, September 2016

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