How to Tame a Wild Mare

How To Tame a Wild Mare:  An Instruction Manual

Congratulations on successfully luring multiple wild mares into your barn. This manual will provide detailed instructions on how to tame a wild mare, while still allowing her to be wild. If you follow these instructions, I guarantee you will build a relationship with your mare that will be extremely gratifying for both of you and will form a life-long bond.

Equipment required:
– Strips of fabric, one bundle for each mare. The bundle should include 4 strips, 12 inches in length. One strip, 48 inches in length. The fabric should be dark and as soft as possible. I recommend black velvet.
– Candles. At least 100 per mare.
– High backed, sturdy chairs, one per mare.
– Soft, attractive woolen blankets, one per mare. I recommend Pendleton brand.
– White, cast iron clawfoot bathtubs, one per mare.
– Boar bristle hair brushes, one per mare.
– A wood plank, 8 inches longer than the bathtub is wide. Place 4 inch blocks on the underside of the plank, one on each end, so it fits snugly on top of the tub. Wrap the plank between the blocks with foam and then cover with soft fabric.
– One cowboy for each wild mare, wearing long sleeves, jeans, chaps, boots, and gloves.

Set up:
– Set up one stall of your barn for each wild mare you plan to tame. Make sure the stalls are next to each other.
– Place a bathtub, chair, blanket, hairbrush, and plank in each stall.
– Set the chair near the bathtub and drape with the blanket so that the entire chair is covered and extra blanket hangs off either side of the chair.
– Fill the bathtub with hot water.
– Secure the plank over the tub.
– Place the hairbrush on the floor next to the chair.
– Distribute the candles around the stall and along the walkway from the arena to the stall area. Be liberal with the candles.
– Light the candles before entering the arena with the mares.

Cowboy Instructions:

– Enter the arena slowly and cautiously with your bundle of fabric. I recommend that the strips of fabric be tucked in your back pockets with an end dangling out for easy access.

– The wild mares are naked and vulnerable at this early stage. They will likely be huddled close together, yet they are anything but calm. It is normal for them to hiss, bare their teeth, lash out, scream, and try to run and escape.

– Walk slowly through the arena attempting to make eye contact with the mares. Your goal is to lock eyes with a mare. Do not stare her down, but instead convey a sense of loving dominion. If she meets and holds your gaze, she has approved of you and will ultimately allow you to work with her.

– Try to keep a calm demeanor while also protecting yourself against surprise attacks. The mares will try to tackle, bite, rip at your clothes, or attack your genitalia. Be wary of mares who spread their legs without making eye contact. This is a trap and they will attack if you approach.

– Once you have made significant eye contact with a mare, focus solely on that mare and do not switch. Only turn your attention away briefly to help a fellow cowboy remain safe from an attack.

– Pull one of the strips of fabric from your back pocket. Carry it in your hands as you approach your selected mare. Your goal is to subdue and restrain your mare, doing so as gently as possible. Even though your mare as approved you by meeting your gaze, she will still put up a fight.

– Approach your mare quickly and use only the minimum amount of force required. You may need to tackle, grab, and hold her down to get the restraints on her. Tie up her wrists first followed by her ankles. Once she can no longer run or lash out at you, you can move slowly and gently with the remaining ties.

– Use one of the strips to blindfold her, and one to cover her mouth.

– Use the longest strip of fabric to redo her hand ties. Tie her wrists together in the middle of the fabric and then run the fabric between her legs, under her ass, and tie in a knot behind her. Then pull the remaining fabric back in front of her and secure at her belly like a belt. The mares will find the pressure on their genitals comforting and this tie down will allow them to move their arms to pleasure themselves to bring further calm.

– Do not proceed until all of the mares are fully secured. Place your mare’s back against the arena wall to wait for all the cowboys to complete this task. Is it critical that the remaining steps be completed simultaneously for all the mares. If your mare is waiting, you can provide additional reassurance to her by gently rubbing the palm of your hand in small circles on her nipples. You can also cup underneath her breasts and hold them gently. Resist all temptation to pull, pinch or twist her nipples. This will cause her to go back into fight mode.

– Pick your mare up by sliding one arm under her knees and the other behind her back. Pull her close to your body as you begin to walk towards the stalls. Hold tight because she might still buck or otherwise try to escape your grasp. She also might writhe in your arms as she strives to rub the fabric against her genitals to calm herself.

– As you approach the stalls, call for the overhead stable lights to be turned off. Allow your eyes to adjust to the candle light before entering the stall.

– Place your mare down on the wool blanket on the chair. She is likely covered in sawdust with matted hair from the tie down process. Brush off her body and pull back any hair this is covering her face.

– Stand in front of your mare and reach behind her head to undo the strip of fabric covering her eyes. It will take her a few moments to adjust to the light. Keep your face directly in front of hers, gazing into her eyes. I recommend having a slight smile on your face to show your warmth and compassion. It is a good sign if your mare begins to move the fabric against her genitalia. It is even a better sign if she returns your smile, but this is very rare at this stage in the process. Hold her gaze for several minutes before proceeding.

– Remaining in front of your mare, reach behind her head to undo the strip of fabric covering her mouth. If she seems calm enough, you can try leaning in towards her face and letting your lips touch. Stop immediately and retreat if you notice her body recoil, tense, or jump. This is a sign she is not ready yet.

– Slowly walk around to the back of the chair picking up the hairbrush as you do so. Use the brush to slowly and gently remove any tangles or debris from her hair. If you find a tangle, do not tug aggressively to free it. This will aggravate her and will impact the ultimate bonding. Instead, hold the hair above the tangle and gently work it through so she feels no pressure. If your mare has long hair, put it into a single, loose braid before proceeding.

– Lift the mare out of the chair, in the same fashion used to lift her off of the arena floor and place her in the bathtub. The warm water should sooth the mare even further.

– Stand where the mare can see you. Slowly remove your remaining clothes while maintaining eye contact with her. You will notice her eyes wandering up and down your body. Do not allow yours to do the same to her. Keep them focused on her eyes. Place your clothes off to the side of the stall.

– Approach the tub and undo the fabric that is binding your mare’s ankles. It is normal for her to shake or kick her legs, sometimes violently. This movement should end fairly quickly. It is a good sign if she spreads her legs so the fabric can better reach her genitalia.

– Step into the bathtub facing her, with your feet on either side of her body, and sit down on the plank. Undo the knot at her belly to start to unleash her hands. Reach behind her back, pulling her forward towards you, so you can unknot the fabric behind her fully releasing her bands from bondage. Do not be surprised if she takes your penis into her mouth. This is a very natural act for her and is a sign that she is beginning to trust you. While this may feel good to you, do not allow her to do this for more than a few minutes. You are taming her, not the other way around. But this is a helpful step because you will need to be erect before continuing.

– Wash any remaining sawdust off of her body. Pay particular attention to all cracks and crevices where sawdust might be hiding.

– Reach down into the water to grab her hands and help pull her up to standing. Help her move so that her knees are resting on the padded plank and her hands are gripping on the top edge of the tub.

– Kneeling behind her, place your mouth on her genitalia using your tongue and saliva to moisten her. Continue to use your tongue to explore all her folds and features. Ideally, she will begin to make low, guttural sounds as you do this. If you and the other cowboys are synchronized, she will also hear these sounds coming from the other mares in the stables around her. Hearing her fellow mares will let her know that all are safe and will allow her to let go of any last remnants of fear she was holding.

– If you are not yet fully erect, pleasure yourself while licking her. However, most cowboys do not seem to have difficulty becoming erect while performing this step.

– As you lick her, listen carefully for her sounds to slightly increase in pitch. This is your indication to proceed to the next step.

– Stand up and slowly slide your erect penis into her. If you performed the last step adequately, there should be no friction or stickiness as you slide inside of her. Continue to slide slowly until you are deeply inside of her and then hold there without movement for several moments until you feel her body relax around you.

– Reach your arm around to the front of her body and locate her clitoris. Proceed to stroke, circle, flick, press and otherwise use your fingers on this area of her body. Simultaneously, begin slowly pumping your penis inside of her. Your indication of her enjoyment of this activity will be the pitch of her sounds. If her pitch is increasing, you can be confident that she is enjoying exactly what you are doing. If her pitch decreases, make a change to the tempo of your pumping, how deeply you press into her, how fully you pull out of her, the pressure or speed of your fingers, etc. Experiment until her pitch begins to rise again. If you seem to hit a plateau, I recommend spreading her knees further apart on the plank. Very wild mares enjoy having their legs spread very wide.

– Under no circumstances should you allow yourself to have an orgasm at this point in the process. Doing so could severely jeopardize your long-term bond with the mare.

– Continue pumping, playing, spreading, and pleasuring your mare. She will be hearing the vocalizations of the mares around her as well which is something these mares experience in the wild. This will allow her to surrender completely to you and this experience.

– This final step is the trickiest and can take years of practice to time exactly right. Moments before you expect she will climax, take your free hand and forcefully (but not painfully) pull her braid and thus her head back towards you. This will be the final push she needs to climax but also will seal in her understanding of you as her tamer.

– Continue your actions and holding her hair allowing all waves of pleasure to fully move through her body. You will be able to tell that she is ready for you to stop when you can feel her pulling away from you. At that point, withdraw your penis from her, help her pull her legs together, and then stand up. Assist her as she slides back into the bathtub.

– Sit back down on the plank over the tub facing her. Make eye contact and do not look away. This is critical for sealing your relationship with her. Now it is your turn to orgasm. Pleasure yourself while maintaining eye contact. You will be tempted to close your eyes when you climax, but don’t do it. It is possible to climax with your eyes open…do so while holding her gaze. This will help her know that your pleasure is for her as well.

– Help her out of the tub and wrap her in the blanket on the chair. Kneel in front of her and move your mouth towards hers. If you have successfully completed all of these steps, she should readily meet your mouth and offer hers.

If you have followed all of these steps, you now have a tamed mare. But a tamed mare does not mean a captive one. Cowboys are often tempted to put their mare behind locked doors out of fear that they would have to go through all this work again if she were to ever leave. Keeping a mare (even a tamed one) in captivity is a sure-fire way of bringing back her fear, aggression, and desire to escape. Instead, allow your mare to roam free, return back to her sister mares, the green pastures, the sunshine and wind. If you can freely do this, she will return to her cowboy time and time again looking to share pleasure together.

About the author of this manual:

This manual was written by Willow Reedsport — a wild mare who moonlights as a cowboy consultant.


Photo Source


Erotica by Silky (December 2015)

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